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Büro für statistische Programmierung



My most recent projects include

  • Webjay, the static site generator building these pages proudly presents eckart-voland.de (with multilingual content negotiation).
  • Eckart Voland also is involved in our ongoing research collaboration (together with Kai Willführ) analyzing the effects of genetical relatedness on reproductive outcomes using the unique data provided by the family reconstitution study of the Krummhörn.
  • A shinyapp demonstrating the functionality of my kinlab package for R.
  • A shinyapp for the automated generation of the book-of-abstracts for scientific conferences, see code on Github.

I am working with R and writing Tex on a regular basis since 2009. My early coding started in the form of statistical programming out of needs of my research and both my diploma thesis and my dissertation have been written with R/LaTeX using Sweave formerly and then later switched to knitr. More recently, I do a lot in shiny including more-and-more web stuff like API calls and SQL queries. May be in the future, I will reach out for developing software beyond my initial scope of building tools for data analysis and reproducible science (since some above described projects seem to indicate for that)... But anyway, I very much appreciate the open source movement and its philosophy concerning collaborative working and ,,giving-back'' -- So in case you are interested, dont hesitate to contact me ♡